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by | August 20, 2018 | 16:57

Ties between Ankara and Washington have been strained over the case of an imprisoned American pastor, leading the impose sanctions, and increased tariffs that sent the Turkish lira tumbling last week. The U.S. Embassy was scheduled to close at midday Monday until the end of the week for the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha, according to its website.

by | August 20, 2018 | 14:40

This comes despite President Ashraf Ghani's call for a ceasefire with the Taliban during the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha. The Taliban did not immediately respond to the announcement. "The last ceasefire in Afghanistan revealed the deep desire of the Afghan people to end the conflict, and we hope another ceasefire will move the country closer to sustainable security", Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement.

by | August 20, 2018 | 14:00

Speaking to reporters after being rescued, she said she was "very lucky to be alive". The woman - named by newspapers as Kay Longstaff - was taken to hospital in the town of Pula. "So these wonderful guys rescued me". The circumstances of the incident are being investigated and the British Embassy in Croatia was informed. According to the Norwegian Cruise Line's website, the nearly 300-metre-long Norwegian Star was only refurbished this year and can accommodate up to 2,300 passengers.

by | August 20, 2018 | 10:31

She added: "My partner and I cycled because there wasn't enough room in the auto for the support crew. but it also put me in the best possible mood!" Genter's post, which was uploaded just before 11am, was tagged at Auckland City Hospital.

by | August 20, 2018 | 08:42

The hajj , one of the five pillars of Islam, is a mandatory duty for all Muslims to make once in a lifetime if they possesses enough financial resources and are physically capable of undertaking the journey to the birthplace of the prophet Mohammed.

by | August 20, 2018 | 08:21

The president added: "Now we can buy some more jet fighters!" And No. 2, whoever wrote it needs to get better sources. The parade was originally planned to take place on November 10 this year. "But I guarantee you there's been no cost estimate". The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss early planning estimates that have not yet been finalized or released publicly.

by | August 20, 2018 | 05:19

Papadopoulos lied to Federal Bureau of Investigation agents who questioned him about his connections to an unnamed professor and Russian nationals who claimed to have "dirt" on Hillary Clinton, the memo says. It has always been a mystery whether Papadopoulos told anyone inside the Trump campaign about the Russian dirt, and the document filed Friday does not answer the question.

by | August 20, 2018 | 04:38

That is, simply, a lie: Donald Trump Jr. himself released emails in which British publicist Rob Goldstone claimed Veselnitskaya represented the Russian government in its effort to "support" Trump. "We have plenty of credibility", Giuliani snapped. Trumps critics were prompt to seize on the exchange. Truth is truth; Trump can avoid any alleged "perjury trap" by sticking to it.

by | August 20, 2018 | 03:53

Officials estimate that more than 10,000 kilometers (6,200 miles) of roads have been damaged. However, he said the officials had largely restored the state's water supply systems."What we need right now is bottled water, which is easy to transport to remote and isolated places, where some people are still stranded", Kurian said.Officials have called it the worst flooding in Kerala in a century, with rainfall in some areas well over double that of a typical monsoon season.

by | August 20, 2018 | 02:04

The judge said he is now under the protection of US marshals. As a result, Ellis said, he didn't "feel right" releasing the names of the 12-person jury. The case that Bob Mueller has brought against Paul Manafort has nothing to do with Donald Trump or the 2016 election. A verdict could come at any moment in the Alexandria, Virginia federal courtroom where former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is being tried on a slew of tax and bank fraud charges.

by | August 20, 2018 | 00:56

Giuliani, in his interview, also acknowledged that the reason for the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting between Trump campaign aides and a Russian lawyer, arranged by Trump's son Donald Trump Jr., was that they had been promised dirt on Trump's 2016 Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

by | August 19, 2018 | 16:26

Speaking to reporters at a press conference Friday at the State Department, Brett McGurk, U.S special presidential envoy for the anti-IS coalition, said the stabilization funding was used to help residents return to areas recaptured from IS.

by | August 19, 2018 | 11:06

For the last two weeks several rescue operations have been going on and schools and community centres have been converted into relief camps for the thousands of people already rescued. Another 14 NDRF teams are expected to reach shortly. It is a situation where we can't even retrieve people's bodies from the sand. Heavy rainfall was predicted for the day in all districts except Thiruvananthapuram , Kollam and Kasaragod, said the chief minister.

by | August 19, 2018 | 09:29

A spokesperson for GNS science said the quake was 580km below the Earth which would have dampened the shaking at the surface. The tremor was centred west-southwest of Belanting town in East Lombok , the USGS said, at a relatively shallow depth of seven kilometres (four miles).

by | August 19, 2018 | 05:11

The White House has countered by branding Manigault Newman as a disgruntled former staffer with credibility issues who is now trying to profit from a book based on false attacks against an individual she has called a mentor and has admired for more than a decade.

by | August 19, 2018 | 04:05

He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001. Geneva: Former UN Secretary-General and Nobel Prize Laureate Kofi Annan died on Saturday at the age of 80, his family said. The UN peacekeeping operation faced two of its greatest failures during his tenure: the Rwanda genocide in 1994, and the massacre in the Bosnian town of Srebrenica in July 1995.

by | August 19, 2018 | 04:03

Top their their agenda on Saturday was the planned Nord Stream 2 pipeline that would carry Russian gas under the Baltic Sea to Germany . The two sides have sparred in recent years over Russia's annexation of Crimea, its support for separatists in eastern Ukraine , for Syrian dictator Bashar Assad as he executes a brutal military campaign, over charges that Moscow interfered in the last United States presidential election, and, most recently, over British allegations that the Kremlin ...

by | August 19, 2018 | 00:37

I love you so much". The coroner's office announced Friday it is has positively identified the victims as Shanann , Bella, and Celeste Watts, Denver's KMGH-TV reported . It is unclear whether a judge ordered the coroner's officer to swab for DNA. Dave Baumhover, a detective at the Frederick Police Department, said there were no signs of foul play and there was nothing to suggest Shanann had mental health problems.

by | August 18, 2018 | 14:52

The murder was a "well-planned conspiracy between the women and the four North Koreans at large", trial judge Azmi Ariffin said in a ruling on Thursday that took more than two hours to read. Prosecuting and executing the women, however, could complicate Malaysia's ties with Indonesia and Vietnam, where the pair are widely seen as innocents who were deceived into committing a crime.

by | August 18, 2018 | 13:45

Ohr, who works in the Justice Department's criminal division, was in contact with Steele, the former British spy who compiled a dossier of allegations of possible collusion between Trump's camp and Russian Federation during the 2016 presidential campaign.