by | November 19, 2018 | 23:40

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max , meanwhile, are even more expensive, starting at $999. The Journal cites the lower than anticipated demand for the new models and an overall shrinking smartphone market that has made it more hard for Apple to anticipate how many units it will need for the holiday season.

by | November 19, 2018 | 20:36

Instagram issued a statement stating that the security bug was " discovered internally and affected a very small number of people ". This security bug affected those users who accessed Instagram's " Download Your Data " feature. Facebook has been hit with another security bug which exposed passwords of Instagram users. The security breach was ironically linked to the " download your data " feature introduced to users in April which let them see the extent to which their personal data ...

by | November 19, 2018 | 07:08

Still, if you'd rather zip around NY as your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man then the current offering from Sony is still a great deal. With Sony skipping gaming bonanza E3 entirely next year, it's likely that we'll see the next PlayStation in 2020.

by | November 19, 2018 | 04:17

If you are noticing a bend in your iPad Pro , take it into an Apple Store and get some expert advice on whether you can get it replaced as a defective unit. To make matters worse, the battery inside the Apple Pencil isn't one of the lithium-ion types that are solid and flexible, the battery in the wirelessly charging Pencil has acid in it, and at one point in the video that acid squirts out.

by | November 18, 2018 | 09:12

The high street crisis, from which 85,000 retail jobs have disappeared in the first nine months of this year, means shoppers have not had to wait until November to get their hands on a bargain as desperate retailers cut prices to attract shoppers.

by | November 18, 2018 | 07:58

Both have the same pixel density though at 264 ppi. Five percent cash back is being offered by both Maple and Unicorn on EMI for Citibank Credit cards and Axis Card bank holders. Both iPad Pro variants feature a type-C USB port, which will support USB 3.1 Gen 2. Both models get the company's latest in-house Apple A12X Bionic 7nm SoC.

by | November 18, 2018 | 06:13

Earlier this year, the FCC gave SpaceX permission to launch 4,425 low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellites, and on Friday it signed off on another 7,518. The company's Starlink program is created to use satellites at a much lower orbit in order to improve internet connectivity on the ground, even in rural and remote places with little to no internet access.

by | November 18, 2018 | 05:32

There are other advantages that players can get from playing Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee in co-op as well. Once Pokemon are in the GO Park, you can play with them in mini-games or capture them to bring them fully into your team in Pokemon Let's Go .

by | November 18, 2018 | 00:06

Microsoft will institute a "disc-to-digital" program that will allow Xbox One owners to exchange their physical discs for download codes. If that sounds familiar, it's probably because it's somewhat similar to the game-licensing strategy Microsoft originally planned for the Xbox One - a DRM-heavy system that made every physical game disc a one-time-use redemption key for digital games.

by | November 16, 2018 | 19:41

Basic costs just $7.99 per month but only allows one stream at a time and again is standard definition only. So subscribers can only access Netflix's library of TV shows and movies on one handheld device, whether a smartphone or tablet.

by | November 15, 2018 | 09:48

The Artificial Intelligence Certification Courses market is expected to grow at a CAGR of +34 % during the forecast period. Furthermore, the report also includes a synopsis of the various business strategies of the key players of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market .

by | November 15, 2018 | 04:11

But, unlike the release earlier this year where Microsoft aggressively rolled out 1803, the company is slowing down the cadence this time around. The news comes just a few weeks after Kaspersky Lab detected a similar zero-day threat in Microsoft's system, having alerted the computing giant to a further Windows vulnerability that had been utilised by state-backed cyber-espionage group known as FruityArmor.

by | November 15, 2018 | 04:09

Additionally, the first-generation Pixel also lacks optical image stabilization, so it has to use shorter exposures, which can further compromise the quality compared to more recent hardware. The update adds a Night Sight shooting mode. Also, while I was up there, I made a decision to see if Night Sight could work in combination with Google's Super Res Zoom feature, and it seems it does.

by | November 15, 2018 | 02:40

OnePlus 6T has got another color edition in India. The company says that the special edition of the OnePlus 6T comes with a "gradient back that fades from black to purple under the frosted glass-backed OnePlus 6T , with the evocative "S" curve racing across the back and highlighting the depth of colour".

by | November 14, 2018 | 21:45

The new M340i is the most powerful 3 Series till date. Max torque is up by 50 Nm to 500 Nm. Combined fuel consumption is 7.5 litres per 100 km, which is great for the performance on tap. Lastly, the M Sport brake system brakes, which is headlined by short pedal travel and a distinct pressure point, BMW says. Throw in bigger brakes with four piston calipers and 348mm discs at the front, along with single piston floating calipers and 345mm discs at the rear and you have yourself one very ...

by | November 14, 2018 | 21:29

The new 8nm process Exynos 9820 succeeds the 10nm Exynos 9810 , which powered Galaxy S9 models outside the United States while USA models ran on Qualcomm's 10nm Snapdragon 845. According to the US Trademark and Patent Office document filed by Samsung , its fullscreen in-display fingerprint scanner uses a secondary, low-power processor to work.

by | November 14, 2018 | 21:29

The game still isn't live for everyone - here at the CNET offices, we can see that the PC servers are online, but we can't actually click on the play button - but between reports from our friends at and dozens of Twitch streams, it's clear that some lucky players are already exploring the irradiated hills of West Virginia.

by | November 14, 2018 | 11:13

Today, Cloudflare has released a app for Android and iOS to easily bring these same features to your mobile devices. You can download the app for Android and iOS, and visit Cloudflare's website for instructions on how to set it up on your computer.

by | November 14, 2018 | 00:50

Shortly after Microsoft unveiled their Black Friday deals (including $100 off on select Xbox One X and Xbox One S models), Sony has followed suit. Like most of the major retailers, Sony will discount the Marvel's Spider-Man Standard Edition PS4 Bundle.

by | November 13, 2018 | 22:03

In early July , Microsoft launched the compact Surface Go with a promise of laptop performance and tablet portability. The devices are reportedly available for pre-order now , with an expected release date of November 20. You can get LTE connectivity with a nano-SIM. All models come with Windows 10 Home in S Mode ( freely upgradable to Windows 10 Home ). Surface Go with LTE will be available in both consumer and commercial channels, meaning it will be for sale in Microsoft's online Store, ...