A New LEGO Star Wars Game is Apparently Happening

A New LEGO Star Wars Game is Apparently Happening

Judging by a slew of new images, jaded fanboys might actually give this one a pass.

Pascal will be joined in the cast by Giancarlo Esposito of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul; Apollo Creed from the Rocky films, Carl Weathers; Omid Abtahi of American Gods; Emily Swallow of Supernatural; Nick Nolte as the voice of an alien creature; and Deadpool's Gina Carano.

This weekend played host to Star Wars Celebration - which you can likely guess is a fan gathering that celebrates all things Star Wars - and during the event, Skywalker Sound's Matt Wood seemed to let slip that a new project was on the way. You may have been able to infer that from the helmet alone. In any case, you can watch it here and see showrunner Jon Favreau and exec producer Dave Filoni discuss - what they can - about what fans should expect. They met each other at Lucasfilm's Skywalker Ranch while they were working on Iron Man and Clone Wars respectively.

So what's it like to play the lead character of a Star Wars series?

Following discussion of Pascal's The Mandalorian, Favreau would introduce Carano's character as Cara Dune.

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Greef (Carl Weathers) in Lucasfilm's THE MANDALORIAN.

The panel exclusively showed attendees a sizzle reel that opened with the Mandalorian walking on a bridge on an icy world, following a transponder to a shelter. That and Favreau's obsession with what happened after the end of Return of the Jedi and how the universe reacted to the fall of the empire stayed with the filmmaker for years. It became a multi-Emmy victor and is now regarded as essential Star Wars.

We got some character names and descriptions.

The Mandalorian will arrive on Disney's new streaming service Disney Plus on November 12th, 2019! Plus, it just looks really cool. Star Wars: Rogue One explained how the Rebels obtained the plans to blow up the first Death Star before A New Hope, and Solo told the origin story of Han Solo, one of the main characters of the original movies. Weathers describes Carga, "The character is Greef Carga". "We love pulling all the different stories together".

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