Nexus 6P owners will finally receive compensation from Google and Huawei

Nexus 6P owners will finally receive compensation from Google and Huawei

It was an improvement over the Nexus 6, but unfortunately, it started to shut down on a full battery and the users lost access to any information they had previously stored on the phone, including photographs. If the court approves the settlement at the May 9 hearing, then any Nexus 6P customer in the United States that purchased the device on or after September 25, 2015 will be eligible for a claim reimbursement.

Meanwhile, a different problem impacting another batch of Nexus 6P units caused the battery life to decrease "noticeably" or the devices to suddenly shut off at the worst possible times.

This is yet another class action lawsuit on the Android-related devices. Those who have encountered unexpected shutdowns or have gotten stuck in bootloops are eligible to get up to $400 from the two tech companies.

According to lawsuit, the companies have breached the warranty of the Nexus 6P smartphone which is the reason why pretty much all the users have faced the bootloop issue on the device. Furthermore, the two tech giants want to pay up to $400 each Nexus 6P user who has suffered from the bootloop mode or battery drain issue.

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We want to make it clear that Huawei and Google are the ones who proposed the settlement. This issue goes back to the initial launch of the device, post which users complained that their phones were going into bootloop and they were facing random restarts. However, note that there's no website yet for you to file a claim - the courts need to approve everything first, which should happen in the next month or so. Moreover, those who submit proper documentation for the bug will receive the large settlement amount, while those without any documentation may be eligible for up to $75.

As you would expect, Huawei and Google are asking that all affected Nexus 6P users to present a detailed documentation of the issues. Ae you happy about this settlement?

The proposal now states that those who are eligible for the settlement could be paid up to $400 against the lawsuit, while those who received a Pixel XL in a prior warranty exchange program would only be eligible for up to $10.

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