House Democrat, treasury chief bicker over Trump tax returns

House Democrat, treasury chief bicker over Trump tax returns

Barely a day goes by in Washington without a new revelation about how the president plans to address the problem.

"So, the president said listen, there are sanctuary cities out there where Democrats have said we welcome any and all whether they criminals, whether they are here illegally, seeking asylum, regardless".

Trump said on Friday he was considering sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities, prompting USA mayors to accept such an offer as the battle over border security rages.

"This just shows the president's contempt for law", the New York Democrat said during an appearance on CNN's "State of the Union".

In a podcast published by Recode on Friday, Pelosi did not sugarcoat her latest opinions on Trump, saying he has "cheapened the presidency" as well as calling him out for "being a freak".

Mnuchin said that Treasury Department lawyers have been working "diligently" to research the issues involved and have been in contact with Justice Department attorneys.

Transporting large groups of immigrants to distant cities would be even more expensive for an agency already strapped for cash.

And Democrats have stated time and time again they support open borders, they support sanctuary cities.

Yet he has done nothing concrete to stem the human tide across America's southern border - and is even being compared to Angela Merkel, whose decision to open Germany's borders to migrants in 2015 has blighted her chancellorship.

Trump had telegraphed his Treasury secretary's move Wednesday, telling reporters he wouldn't release his tax returns since he's still under audit. A White House official also said the idea was floated and rejected.

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Wallace pressed: "Will he tell the IRS not to release them though?"

"His request is a transparent effort by one political party to harass an official from the other party because they dislike his politics and speech", he added.

"This is not a game this is people that are suffering", he said.

The downside for the migrants would be a high cost of living.

Flights chartered by ICE cost about $7,785 United States per flight hour, according to the agency.

At the same time, many "sanctuary" communities would likely welcome the immigrants in question.

"The president likes the idea and Democrats have said they want these individuals in their communities so let's see if it works and everybody gets a win out of it", Sanders said.

The Defense Department has also been reviewing a number of military bases to find a location that can house up to 5,000 unaccompanied migrant children as the U.S. braces for a surge of people crossing the U.S. -Mexico border this spring. "The Chairman is giving us a new deadline".

Nadler, who has been one of the top Democrats in Washington pushing for a full release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report into possible collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russian Federation, has feuded with Trump for more than 30 years, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

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