Here's Why the Russos Lied About the Avengers: Endgame Title

Here's Why the Russos Lied About the Avengers: Endgame Title

We love the experience in the theater, you know, and the sense of discovery you have as the movie unfolds. One group is sporting white-gray Avengers suit, while the other group has a red Avengers suit. The lines "yielded to the power of Thanos" and "unleashed an inferno on" popped up, and while some say those lines could be leftovers from the mode's original run, it's hard to believe that dataminers would have missed them the first time around.

The MCU has had its fair share of dysfunctional families over the years, from Thor and his insane siblings, to Peter Quill and his Celestial father, but without a doubt, the Thanos clan takes the cake, with the Mad Titan killing his daughter Gamora in Avengers: Infinity War after torturing his other adopted child Nebula. "This is the fight of our lives". Ant-Man agrees, and so do we.

Next we seen Captain America, Captain Marvel, Rhodey, Thor, Black Widow and Groot speed off on an intergalactic mission - this is Steve Roger's first space travel and well, it looked like the only thing he kept telling himself is "Whatever it takes". Subtract three sets of hands from those five missing, and there are still two other heroes unaccounted for, heroes who could be completing their own undertakings in the endeavor to vanquish Thanos.

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Well, it turns out, Brie filmed Endgame before she filmed Captain Marvel and was still experimenting with the character at that time.

The new trailer has new footage not included in the previous trailers along with some recycled portions. "The script I did get had dummy scenes in it".

Avengers: Endgame releases in cinemas on April 26, exactly a year after the release of Infinity War.

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