Amazon employees may be listening to your recorded Alexa conversations

Amazon employees may be listening to your recorded Alexa conversations

It also notes that employees don't have direct access to identifiable information about users.

Many recordings are transcribed, annotated and put into the system to fill the loopholes in the software and its usage, Bloomberg reported.

However, you can turn off the option that uploads your conversations in the Alexa app privacy settings page.

Now, Amazon is at the center of a potentially massive data scandal which suggests workers, not just artificial intelligence, are listening to Alexa voice commands.

Amazon workers are listening to private and sometimes disturbing voice recordings to improve the voice-assistants' understanding of human speech.

A spokesperson for Amazon has since responded to the reports, confirming that staff members do listen to recordings.

If the claims that humans are reviewing recordings of our interactions with Echo speakers proves to be true, it could be a concerning insight into how artificially intelligent voice assistants are trained by companies, as well as a potential security issues for users. Further, Amazon, in a statement on the matter, revealed that only a small percentage of user recordings get analyzed in the first place.

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For non-iPhone users, this is a safety mechanism which automatically disables the device after too many failed login attempts. Another Twitter user suggested Evan to just give his kid the passcode next time to avoid this from happening again.

Importantly, Amazon workers don't need to know who said them in order to do their jobs - which involve determining whether Alexa's interpretation of someone's recording lines up with what the person said. In one shift, the analysts will listen in on as many as 1,000 clips, which the firm says is minuscule considering the tens of millions of people who own the systems. Bloomberg report said, "Two of the workers said they picked up what they believe was a sexual assault. While all information is treated with high confidentiality and we use multi-factor authentication to restrict access, service encryption, and audits of our control environment to protect it, customers can delete their voice recordings associated with their account at any time".

Google Duplex digital assistant, revealed at Google I/O conference past year, seems to work better than every other speech recognition software.

Even Siri, Apple's voice assistant, has human beings working behind the scenes to gauge if the Apple product is interpreting users' requests correctly. The Echo Link Amp is also available through for $459.

The fusion of the organic and digital is common across the sector, either to train services in how to provide new features, or to secretly fill in gaps in their capabilities without disclosing that fact to users.

Ironically, at Google, employees are only allowed access to a very small and distorted audio clip that is completely unidentifiable.

While the company's website vaguely states that it uses customer recordings to "train" its systems, there are also the words of Bezos himself, who has long advocated (extremely) active listening.

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