No-deal Brexit could impact foreign and security policy, Barnier warns

No-deal Brexit could impact foreign and security policy, Barnier warns

The group behind the bill, which also includes former Tory chair Dame Caroline Spelman, Commons Brexit Committee chair Hilary Benn, former attorney general Dominic Grieve and Liberal Democrat Norman Lamb, hopes once it has passed the Commons it could be approved by the House of Lords and granted Royal Assent in time for the emergency European Union summit on April 10.

Barnier said a no-deal Brexit was becoming "day after day more likely" after parliament once again voted against every motion put forward in a series of indicative votes on Monday, including the Norway plus proposal which prompted Nick Boles to resign the Tory whip.

Speaking alongside Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar before talks in Paris, Mr Macron said: "Should the United Kingdom be unable - three years after the referendum - to propose a solution backed by a majority, they will de facto have chosen for themselves to leave without a deal".

"I'm offering to sit down with the leader of the opposition and try to agree a plan that we would both stick to to ensure we leave the European Union and we do so with a deal".

Overnight, the House of Commons held another round of indicative votes on the UK's scheduled departure from the EU.

Mr Bradshaw said the "only way" to move forward with Brexit was to allow a public vote on the deal, despite its 12-vote defeat.

Pro-Brexit Conservative Bill Cash told parliament seizing control in this way was a "a reprehensible procedure".

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"Leaving without an agreement or requesting a longer extension of the Article 50 period".

What are the most popular Brexit options?

"The UK would no longer take part in EU operations, not participate in the European Defence Agency and PESCO [EU cooperation on military projects]".

While speaking to a think tank on Tuesday morning, Barnier said: "The UK may ask for another extension".

There were just 12 votes in the option to give the public a confirmatory referendum, with the votes going 280 to 292.

A hefty part of the Political Declaration - which was also rejected in the United Kingdom parliament - concerns post-Brexit security ties, which "should comprise law enforcement and judicial cooperation in criminal matters, foreign policy, security and defence, as well as thematic cooperation in areas of common interest".

Tuesday's Cabinet meeting began with a "political" session in the absence of civil servants, which one Government source said was aimed at finding "which option could the party stomach and which option could the country stomach".

If passed, the bill would force the government to seek an extension of Article 50, thereby avoiding a no-deal exit.

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