Israeli Forces Kill Two Gazans During Border Protest

Israeli Forces Kill Two Gazans During Border Protest

Twenty-three countries voted to in favor of the measure, with eight opposing it.

Fourteen countries abstained: The U.K., Denmark, Iceland, Italy, India, Japan, Argentina, the Bahamas, Croatia, the Congo, Nepal, Rwanda, Slovkia and Uruguay.

A senior Egyptian security official said: "We are now waiting for the new government that will be elected in Israel in order to speed up the process, with the goal following the elections in Israel being to involve other influential Arab states".

The vote follows a report by the United Nations Independent Commission of Inquiry to investigate the violations committed in the oPt, on their findings and results during the period from 30 March to 31 December 2018.

The resolution comes after a three-person team of investigators commissioned by the council late last month issued an extensive report on violence during a string of Palestinian protests along Gaza's border fence with Israel, which started almost a year ago.

In Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, chief of the Islamist group Hamas which runs the enclave, urged Palestinians to attend mass rallies on Saturday to mark one year since protests began.

Erdogan calls for fight on Islamophobia
At rallies, Erdogan has also called on New Zealand to restore the death penalty. Australian Brenton Harrison Tarrant was arrested and charged with murder.

Israeli forces intervene Palestinians with tear gas during a protest within "Great March of Return" demonstrations near Al Bureij Refugee Camp in Gaza City, Gaza on March 22, 2019.

Intentionally killing civilians who are not "directly participating in hostilities" is a war crime, the report stressed.

During the weekly anti-Israel protests, protesters waved Palestinians flags, burned tires and threw stones at the soldiers stationed at the border, said eyewitnesses.

Two Israeli soldiers have been killed.

Illustrative: Masked Palestinians calling themselves the "night confusion units" hold incendiary devices attached to balloons to be flown toward Israel, near the border with Israel east of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, on September 26, 2018. Three Injuries of those wounded were reported to be serious.

Israel rejected the report outright, denouncing it two weeks ago, when the commission published a brief summary of it.

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