Congress Presses Tech Giants Over Tragic New Zealand Shooting

Congress Presses Tech Giants Over Tragic New Zealand Shooting

Also, none of those who've watched the live broadcast reported it - the first user report came in 29 minutes after the broadcast began and 12 minutes after the live ended. One hour lapsed between the start of the live stream and the video being taken down proved to a "crucial delay" that enabled the video going viral uncontrollably.

In a statement this week, Facebook defended itself, saying that the actual live stream of the incident, which lasted for 17 minutes, was only viewed by 200 viewers. The attack is the worst mass shooting in New Zealand's history. The iterations - which included videos filmed off of television and computer monitors - worked to deceive the AI system and allowed those copies to spread, Rosen wrote.

Facebook said the volume of live video would make this hard to police even with a time delay, while it may also slow down first responders. Not only was the Christchurch killer able to livestream the massacre on Facebook, but the video was still widely available on other platforms hours after the attack.

"We will need to provide our systems with large volumes of data of this specific kind of content, something which is hard as these events are thankfully rare", Rosen said in the post. Since the attack, the video has been downloaded and re-uploaded millions of times to various platforms.

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The video was then viewed about 4,000 times before being taken down, he added.

Facebook has been using AI-powered algorithms to automatically take down videos and images containing pornography and terrorist-sponsored content.

Facebook said it is reviewing whether it can deploy its AI systems to detect such videos and how to process reports from human users faster. Doing better has been a recurring theme on the big tech's agenda ever since the 2016 presidential election in the USA which saw certain foreign actors, many of whom were associated with Russian intelligence, abuse social media platform with the goal of meddling in the American democratic process.

"In total, we found and blocked over 800 visually distinct variants of the video that were circulating", Rosen said. "There are millions of Live broadcasts daily, which means a delay would not help address the problem due to the sheer number of videos", Rosen responded. "More importantly, given the importance of user reports, adding a delay would only further slow down videos getting reported, reviewed and first responders being alerted to provide help on the ground", he wrote.

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