NASA chooses teams that will study decades-old moon samples

NASA chooses teams that will study decades-old moon samples

"These samples were deliberately saved so we can take advantage of today's more advanced and sophisticated technology to answer questions we didn't know we needed to ask", said Lori Glaze, acting director of NASA's Planetary Science Division in Washington, DC.

In an online statement, NASA mentioned in particular the sample taken from beneath the lunar regolith during Apollo mission 17, which could help scientists "study the rock layers exactly as they existed on the Moon". NASA's Curiosity Rover Shares Final Selfie From Mars' Vera Rubin Ridge; Bids Farewell Before Heading to Its Next Mission (View Pic).

The 43-year-old also told radio talk show Science Friday that the next astronaut to return to the moon since the 1972 landing should be female.

Later this month, history will be made as two female American astronauts become the first to carry out an "all-woman spacewalk".

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine traveled to the Sunshine State this week to outline the Trump administration's proposed budget for the agency for the upcoming fiscal year and the reaction has been mostly positive.

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It should be noted that at the end of March, NASA has also scheduled its first ever all-female spacewalk.

NASA did not reveal names, but the administrator did say that these are great times.

NASA's massive new rocket won't be ready for a moon shot next year, the space agency's top official told Congress on Wednesday. Also, the lunar water can be used for future moon mission for making fuel or even using it as a shield from solar radiation. The analysis was announced as part of Mr Bridenstine's discussion of the agency's Moon to Mars initiative and the 2020 budget.

Bridenstine didn't offer much in the way of specifics to back up his notion that women would lead the charge to the Moon and Mars, and that's not really that surprising.

An orbiting NASA spacecraft has watched water moving on the surface of the moon - although don't expect rain showers and rivers down there. The shift in focus will likely result in several missions slated to be launched aboard the rocket shifted to commercial partners, including the construction of the agency's lunar-orbit space station. "At $21 billion, this budget represents a almost 6 percent increase over last year's request and comes at a time of constrained resources across the federal government".

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