Fresh Android adware discovered inside over 200 applications on Play Store

Fresh Android adware discovered inside over 200 applications on Play Store

Don't assume every antivirus app on Android will keep you safe.

The functionality of SimBad can be summarized under three separate categories, including phishing, the ability to show advertisements, and exposure to secondary apps.

"Some of the Android security products in our test blocked so few of the malware samples - in some cases literally none - that they can not reasonably be described as anti-malware apps", AV Comparatives says in a research report. 55 percent of the tested apps offered insufficient malware protection.

The tests were straightforward: Open the Google Chrome browser on a clean phone, download a malicious sample, open the.apk Android executable file in the file explorer app, then install and execute it.

Some 200 apps available on the Google Play Store contained risky advertising code that had the potential to force a smartphone to display ads outside the apps, open links to websites and the app store automatically, and download new apps independently.

There are also updates so users can better control apps access to the Photos and Videos or the Audio collections via new runtime permissions.

Another paradox was that most of the 250 apps tested were enjoying a score of 4 and above on the Google Play Store reviews. Infected Apps Check Point outlined the apps that have been found to have SimBad, and a lot of them have millions of downloads.

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AV-Comparatives tested 250 of the top Android antivirus apps and services by installing them on a Samsung phone.

"Some of the apps from the biggest companies turned out to be the most suspicious in this study, so you can't just trust the big names".

These apps even detected themselves as malicious.

Many of these apps are created with the same developer making some of them have a similar interface instead of showing a fully running malware scanner. That will allow you to see settings such as internet connectivity, NFC, and audio volume without leaving the app you're in. Others are developed for ad purposes especially the free ones. One of them called Snow Heavy Excavator Simulator has been downloaded 10 million times, and 13 of them 5 million times, which accounts for 75 million downloads of the 150 million total.

Some apps or features within an app may only need location while the app is being used.

According to an analyst, there are more snake-oilers in the Android app market than serious cyber-security vendors. While some Android fans might be disappointed to find out that the new update doesn't come with any new and exciting features, they should know that software tweaks are equally important.

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