Students worldwide skip class to demand action on climate

Students worldwide skip class to demand action on climate

After her speeches at the United Nations climate change conference in Poland and at the Davos forum, she became an example for many young people all over the world, who since have promoted similar initiatives.

Inspired by the activism of Swedish 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, the youth organization has quickly become one of the most visible movements to plead for serious, immediate action on climate change.

We are grateful that in the first "Steering Committee Meeting on Climate Change" in 2016, the Chief Executive explicitly identified the need to "formulate and communicate long-term low greenhouse gas emission development strategies by 2020" and address the challenge as a "responsible member of the global community". She has asked world leaders not to ignore the impending consequences of runaway climate change. "It's everyone's responsibility to help the Earth, but with the help of the government, it will be faster and more powerful". There's so much at stake.

On Thursday Greta Thunberg's campaigning earned her a Nobel Peace Prize nomination. What she says is so true. We're on the edge of an extinction here.

Last year, after the Parkland shooting, my friends and I did a lot of organizing. We walk more and bike everywhere. And in the coming year, and particularly in our 2020 election coverage, the Guardian will strive to feature the voices of young people in our climate reporting to ensure that those whose lives will be most affected by climate policy over the next century are part of the conversation.

Is there a question about climate change you'd like us to answer? "We've seen years of negotiations, pathetic deals on climate change, fossil fuel companies being given free rein to carve open our lands, drill beneath our soils, and burn away our futures for their profit". We have the solution and the facts and the data and the science.

"The adults are in charge of making the decisions but it's our future".

"A rallying cry and the "fear of missing out" has a powerful effect on young people". It's extremely time sensitive and we're not going to wait.

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Forman: We're hoping to impact the business leaders and politicians who refuse to accept the situation.

The kids are again proving they give a shit.

"We love learning, that's important for them to know".

"It's outrageous. But we're not going to sit and watch our futures being trashed due to their addiction to the fossil fuel industry", says Thorpe.

Movement organizers are also pushing for a national emergency declaration for climate change.

"I support Holly in her weekly strikes because it is clear that she also understands the seriousness of what we are facing and what the future holds for her and her generation if governments do not take urgent action very soon". The more interested I got, the more I wanted to participate.

We urge you and the Government of HKSAR to do more than what is now proposed in the 2030+ Climate Action Plan.

The wider global movement is known as Schools 4 Climate Action. Because if we stop, we're just surrendering to extinction.

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