Unvaccinated children banned from school

Unvaccinated children banned from school

Children can not attend nursery schools unless they are vaccinated, and parents of elementary and middle school pupils risk fines of up to 500 euros if they don't have doctor's notes showing that their children were vaccinated against the required diseases.

They include vaccinations for chickenpox, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella.

Parents of older children could be fined up to $800 if they don't comply and children under six could be turned away from school, the BBC ha reported.

Parents are now facing fines if their unvaccinated children attend school. Students of that age reportedly can't be barred from classes.

The deadline for certification was due to be 10 March after a previous delay - but as it fell on a weekend, it was extended to Monday. Italy's health minister, Giulia Grillo told La Repubblica newspaper that people were given ample time to get their ward's vaccinated and update the immunization records.

Regional authorities are taking care of the situation through different ways, report Italian media.

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The mandatory vaccination law was being opposed by the Five Star that formed Italy's first coalition with the League but was ultimately upheld.

The city of Bologna reportedly has at least 300 children who now do not comply with the vaccination requirements and are at risk of suspension from school.

The 95% threshold is the point at which "herd immunity" kicks in - when enough of the population is vaccinated for the spread of the disease to become unlikely, thereby protecting those who can not be vaccinated.

On Monday the Italian health authority released figures claiming a national immunisation rate at or very close to 95 percent of children born in 2015. His immune system was compromised as he was recovering from leukaemia. Protests have broken out against compulsory immunization and two populist parties have been accused of pushing anti-vaxx policies.

The anti-vaccination movement has been growing globally in recent years, sparking alarm from the World Health Organization.

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