No-deal Brexit: Import tariffs would put hundreds on price of cars

No-deal Brexit: Import tariffs would put hundreds on price of cars

"We have already changed the exit agreement once to suit Britain".

But, we are hearing Cox could alter his view.

The backstop, proposed in the twice-rejected Theresa May-EU withdrawal deal, says if no other solution is found, Britain will remain in a customs union with the EU in order to keep the Irish border open.

Juncker on Monday said a delay beyond European Parliament elections at the end of May would mean Britain would have to take part in the polls.

The Daily Mail says there is now speculation over how long Mrs May will remain as Prime Minister, although her aides have insisted she has not considered resigning.

We suspect many MPs would be sceptical of any material shift in Cox's advice, believing political interference from Downing Street is behind the move. The EU Council meets next week (March 21) that's likely to be May's nearest chance to apply for such an extension. May can try to seek further changes from the EU.

In remarks released late Tuesday, Maas said the U.K. Parliament's decision to reject the deal "brings a no-deal scenario ever closer".

The European Research Group of pro-Brexit Conservatives, which has dozens of lawmakers as members, said the amendments "do not deliver 'legally binding changes"' to the withdrawal agreement, as the government promised.

The House remains firmly divided, with the majority of lawmaker against Brexit altogether.

The Pound has undergone a rollercoaster 24 hours with strong gains in the Monday-Tuesday morning session giving away to a sharp reversal as it became clear that the Government would not see its flagship Brexit policy passed by the House of Commons. That's less than the record 230-vote margin she suffered in January, but still a stinging repudiation of two years of painstaking work. "And we've got to vote on it today".

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British Prime Minster Theresa May and President of European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker announce changes to the Brexit deal.

This view was shared by the EU's chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, who said it was the responsibility of the United Kingdom to provide a "clear answer".

The European Union said in response to the vote that the British Parliament's rejection of the revised divorce deal "has significantly increased the likelihood of a "no-deal" Brexit", and that its members "have done all that is possible to reach an agreement". Therefore, reduced market expectations for an election could be playing positive for Sterling.

MPs look set to force Theresa May to go cap in hand to the European Union and ask for delay to Brexit. Hence if MPs want a real opportunity to agree an alternative Brexit deal, pressing for a longer extension than the Prime Minister has so far proposed would be wise.

What it now is ruling out is giving Britain an extension without some clear indication of what it might achieve.

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It also said it would not introduce new checks or controls on goods moving from the Irish Republic to Northern Ireland, a major concern among Irish politicians who feared a hard border could see a return of violence which blighted the British province for more than 30 years until a 1998 peace accord.

She also appeared to rule out the second one, given that, with just 16 days left to go until 29 March "the deal we have negotiated is the best and indeed only deal available".

The defeat was received with dismay by the business community, with the Confederation of British Industry director general Carolyn Fairbairn calling the proceedings a "circus".

Many fear Brexit will divide the West as it grapples with both the unconventional United States presidency of Donald Trump and growing assertiveness from Russian Federation and China, leaving Britain economically weaker and with its security capabilities depleted. If they turn down that option they will vote on Thursday on delaying Brexit.

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