BioWare Is Aware of ANTHEM's PS4 Crashing and Console Bricking Issues

BioWare Is Aware of ANTHEM's PS4 Crashing and Console Bricking Issues

System crashes caused by bugs in the Anthem video game have led Sony to offer full refunds to players. The PS4 version of the game now has a score of 57/100 on Metacritic, but it has been even more mercilessly judged by users, who have scored it at 4.2/10.

A number of players have been able to get a refund for the game, while others did not. Several other users report similar experiences.

Neither Sony nor EA immediately responded to a request for comment.

The same console crashing issues have been reported on EA's official Anthem Answers HQ. It then goes through a short process of checking the internal database for any issues before turning back off again and then restarting as normal. When it does start, the PS4 displays a CE-36329-3 error code, which is described as a "system software" error.

One player even says the game bricked their console. It's just dead. The user says that he spent over two hours on the phone with PlayStation's support line, but that they were unable to do anything to help.

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It's unclear just how widespread these issues are and if Anthem is the direct cause of all problems being talked about. Oh boy they keep coming for Anthem don't they.

Here's one description of the problem from an affected Anthem player on PS4, who writes: "This crash happens at any time/activity done on Anthem".

After formally launching a little more than a week ago, EA and BioWare's Anthem seems to have now encountered the game's biggest issue so far, at least for those playing on PS4.

Kotaku reported the news, taking from a handful of users in the Anthem subreddit. Experienced this issue yourself? Instead of my system eventually going into rest mode, I'll wake up the next day to find it unresponsive until I manually push the power button. A few people on Reddit claim to have gotten their money back, while others said they were unsuccessful.

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