Facebook won't keep your two-factor phone number truly private

Facebook won't keep your two-factor phone number truly private

Just because someone has your phone number does not mean they should be able to look you up on Facebook and find your account, so you can imagine all the different problems surrounding this issue.

Facebook allows users to add phone numbers to their profile, but also encourages the use of a phone number for 2FA on their accounts.

The social media giant past year admitted that it used phone numbers to target users with ads and now, it is letting everyone, with or without a Facebook account, to look up a user profile based off the same phone number previously added to their account.

In a shocking revelation shared to Twitter in March, Emojipedia founder Jeremy Burge discovered the searchable phone number also includes numbers used only for two-factor authentication.

"In April 2018, we removed the ability to enter another person's phone number or email address into the Facebook search bar to help find someone's profile".

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'Facebook 2FA numbers are also shared with Instagram which prompts you "is this your phone number?" once you add to FB, ' Burge added. The social network even required the feature to be used by the moderators of large Facebook pages, telling them they had to hand over a phone number in order to prevent the page from being easily stolen by a canny hacker.

It is possible to set up 2FA without using a phone number, but this is the most popular, obvious and convenient route taken by users. All you can do is restrict the information to the eyes of your Facebook "friends" or "friends of friends" rather than "everyone". The latest edition of Facebook and it's poor handling of users data involves phone numbers used to actually protect your Facebook account.

Facebook's privacy problems never end.

From the Settings, scroll through to Security and Privacy then select two-factor authentication and click on the Authentication app option. Zeynep Tufecki, a leading security expert states "Using security to further weaken privacy is a lousy move - especially since phone numbers can be hijacked to weaken security".

'Messing with 2FA is the anti-vaccination misinformation of security.

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