Here's Your First Look at Will Smith as the Genie in 'Aladdin'

Here's Your First Look at Will Smith as the Genie in 'Aladdin'

Alongside Smith, "Power Rangers" star Naomi Scott stars as Princess Jasmine and Canadian actor Mena Massoud stars as Aladdin.

"It is honestly so amusing that the new genie looks like shit and just sort of walks over to Aladdin like "oh hey man", read another.

Disney granted fans a sneak peek Sunday night at its upcoming live-action "Aladdin" movie during commercial break for the 61st annual Grammy Awards.

The CGI-enhanced Smith is the same bright blue shade as the original film's genie.

But the best bit comes right at the end as Aladdin, with Apu and a pixel-perfect CGI Magic Carpet right behind, rubs the magic lamp for the first time, unveiling the big attractive blue Smith. The teaser unveiled the first footage of Will's Smith's Genie - and fans don't really know how to feel about it.

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Of course Smith was quick to point out that what was revealed was just a momentary scene in which the Genie is disguising himself as human.

Where is Will Smith's blue Genie? Jafar can even be seen leading Aladdin to the Cave of the Wonders. "Genie? Wishes? Lamp? None of that ringin' a bell?"

Smith shared the trailer on Instagram, writing, "I told y'all I was gon' be Blue!"

So as you saw at the end of the spot above, we finally saw what the Genie will look like for most of the film.

But we'll all get the full picture this summer, when Aladdin premieres in theaters on May 24th.

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