The New Background Blurring Feature on Skype Could be Your Life Saver!

The New Background Blurring Feature on Skype Could be Your Life Saver!

Microsoft says that background blurring can be enabled with just a right-click on the video stream, or alternatively with a simple toggle. In doing so, you should subtly hide the background while your body remains focused.

Background blurring is the tech giant's latest attempt to freshen up Skype, though not all of its new ideas in the past have gone down well. Users must first download and install the latest version of Skype to use the background blur feature.

Skype is no longer the go-to service for instant messaging and free online video calls because of WhatsApp and other apps.

The feature is similar to the background blur which was introduced in Microsoft Teams in September a year ago. The software will then slowly blur everything else in the background and "takes the stress out of turning on your video and puts the focus where it belongs - on you!". Microsoft has not given any exact date about when the feature will be available on mobile devices.

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All the important features required to make quality video calls without distraction have now been placed right in front and center.

With Skype releasing the new blur your background feature, such a scenario as mentioned above would be the least of your concerns! Skype Users Will Now Be Able To Make Calls With Amazon Alexa in India.

You can get the same results via "Skype Settings".

The detection is trained to understand human hair, hands, skin, facial contours, and limbs, and constantly analyses the surroundings basis the movement of the person on the call screen, to keep the rest of the background blurred. In spite of its best efforts, the platform "cannot guarantee that your background will always be blurred"-which leaves some room for technically messy moments that could spark a lot of joy". When you want controls, you can bring them back by simply tapping once again.

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