Measles case count up to 51 confirmed, 13 suspected

Measles case count up to 51 confirmed, 13 suspected

As the count of people with measles climbs toward 50, Clark County Public Health announced a short reprieve.

In Clark County, Washington - where about 50 people have been infected since the outbreak started - more than 6 times as many people were vaccinated for measles from January 13 to February 2 compared to the same period previous year, according to a spokesperson for Washington State Department of Health. In Madagascar, officials say more than 50,000 people have been infected with measles in recent months and more than 300 people, mostly children, have died as a result.

Some 82,596 people in 47 of 53 countries contracted measles, the highest number this decade and three times the figure in 2017. But they have their eyes on the 17 states, including many already dealing with outbreaks today, that allow vaccine exemptions for both religious and personal beliefs - expanding the pool of unvaccinated beyond those who are simply medically ineligible for them. I wish we had vaccination rates up ahead of time.

Someone in Denton County has come down with the measles. Other collected outbreaks of highly and deadly contagious, but vaccine-preventable diseases are turning exasperatingly routine across the country.

Washington and OR are among 17 states that allow non-medical exemptions from vaccination requirements for school entry, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Since Jan. 1, 51 confirmed cases and 13 suspect cases have been identified. The mainstream of those infected are children, who have not been vaccinated against the disease, executives said.

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Some 95% of children received the first dose of the vaccine. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, if a person has measles, 90 per cent of those in proximity will also contract the virus unless they have been vaccinated or are immune. Between January 13 and February 2, 2,739 children and 1,754 adults were vaccinated compared to 630 children and 60 adults over the same period previous year.

What Other Cities Are at Risk?

Numerous articles these organizations produce closely resemble scientific articles, Melnick says. The vaccine takes effect within 72 hours, health officials said.

The "anti-vaxxers" movement still thrives in many pockets of the United States.

While vaccination rates are improving, the World Health Organization says coverage is not high enough to prevent circulation of the virus in many countries.

"There's no reason we should be having this outbreak", says Melnick.

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