We worry about the baby: Meghan's friends express concern over bullying

We worry about the baby: Meghan's friends express concern over bullying

It's small and she's made it cosy, but the perception of their lifestyle and the reality are two different things.

"We've all been to their cottage", a close friend tells People.

It led to some mean-spirited mocking from Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan, who said Meghan was "putting on a performance" and accused her of making the charity work "all about her". In the room she made up for me, there was a candle lit by the bed, slippers and a robe.

"We were the only two in the house", they continued.

In the nine months since Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, the American former actress has been subjected to an nearly daily onslaught of hostile stories in parts of the British media.

"It was our time". She made the most lovely meals.

With a list of clinical trials to back up the product's impressive claims it's no surprise Markle is massaging this oil into her skin (in a circular motion, twice daily, as the instructions suggest). She cooked, made tea, and cleaned her dogs when they came in from the rain. Now, Meghan's friends have broken their silence and spoke at length about her life to People magazine.

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'When you see her at walkabouts, when she crouches down to talk to the kids and genuinely has real conversations with people, that's Meg, ' says the former costar. That's how she crouches down with our kids at home.

They were in their teens when Meghan was born; Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland, raised her on her own after she split from Thomas Sr.

Earlier this week, she described Meghan's lack of a relationship with their father as yet another invented illness, writing, "I don't think people understand". It's super painful, because Meg was always so dutiful.

"I'm very much your sister and if you don't like it too bad", Samantha snarled via Twitter.

Thomas Markle Sr., Meghan's dad, has given interviews multiple times declaring that he has been reaching out to her only to receive the cold shoulder, but a friend said this claim is far from the truth.

"They have been made to appear as siblings who had this falling out, and that's not the truth at all", the friend shared. "[Samantha and brother Thomas Jr] were not a part of [Meghan's] life." .

The Duchess of Sussex wrote to her father begging him to stop "victimising" her after the Royal wedding, her friends have claimed, as her inner circle go on the offensive to confront what they call "global bullying". "At no point was there talk of 'Now that we know he lied, he's in trouble.' Tom wouldn't take her calls, wouldn't take Harry's calls". He's never called. He's never texted.

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