Meghan Markle's Banana Messages Are "Offensive", Says Sex Worker

Meghan Markle's Banana Messages Are

About the reports on her role in Meghan's pregnancy, Lauren told the outlet: 'I am obviously not at liberty to talk about who, or who might not, be my client.

According to a Kensington Palace spokesperson, Meghan "learned of this idea from an act of kindness by a school cafeteria worker in the US who wrote messages for children".

The Good Morning Britain host lashed out at the Duchess of Sussex this evening for "putting on a performance" and accused her of making charity efforts "all about her" in his Mail Online column.

It turns out she's also coaching dad-to-be Prince Harry, 34, on how to care for the Duchess of Sussex during the labor.

According to new reports, Meghan Markle is once again straying a little bit from royal conduct by supposedly hiring a doula, aka a birthing partner, to help her welcome her and Prince Harry's first addition to the family.

The former journalist also said he "could not believe what he was watching" as he saw footage of Meghan writing positive messages of encouragement on bananas included in food parcels.

Not felt sexy for a while during warrior film: Kangana
Kangana further slammed Krish, Sonu Sood, Mishti Chakravarty and Apurva Asrani for attacking her and her decisions as a filmmaker.

"On each of the bananas she wrote an affirmation, to make the kids feel really, like, empowered".

He continued: "To sign them with the words "YOU ARE LOVED" and present them to women who sell loveless sex to men was guaranteed not to empower them but to subject them to widespread mockery - which is exactly what happened as social media erupted with memes and cruel jokes".

It's unknown where Prince Harry and Meghan will welcome their first child.

But fans of Meghan jumped to her defence, saying that she was showing empathy and compassion, and claiming that Morgan always attacks her.

"Then bang, she met somebody more important, immediately ghosted", Morgan said in 2018. The mom-to-be has officially hired a birth partner, known as a doula, to help her give birth to the bundle of joy this spring, according to US Weekly.

But One25's CEO Anna Smith told it was a moment she will never forget.

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