Antimicrobial resistance as big a threat as climate change - Health Secretary

Antimicrobial resistance as big a threat as climate change - Health Secretary

"Antimicrobial resistance, like many other threats such as infectious disease outbreaks and climate change, is not confined by borders". She added: "But UK Government must deliver a regulatory environment to encourage innovation, investment, productivity and the development of new veterinary medicines, including vaccines, to help drive innovation and encourage a thriving UK animal health sector".

Health officials in the United Kingdom have raised the spectre of an "antibiotic apocalypse", with concerns that routine procedures such as Caesarean section could become too risky to perform because of the risk of infection. Cooperation with Europe is therefore paramount to research and surveillance efforts that can better enable us to plan for pandemics and respond to global health threats.

This target comes as part of the United Kingdom 20-year vision for antimicrobial resistance and the new five year plan - announced by health secretary Matt Hancock - which aim to control antimicrobial resistance by 2040.

The model is part of the government's new national action plan on how it will fight against antimicrobial resistance by 2040.

The World Health Organisation warns antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health, food security and development.

According to the Department of Health and Social Care, every year in the United Kingdom 2,000 people die due to drug resistant infections.

The UK has successfully reduced antibiotic use by more than 7% since 2014.

The NHS has pledged to cut the number of drug-resistant infections by 10% by 2025, as well as reducing the amount of antibiotics it uses by 15%.

"Some cases of tuberculosis and gonorrhoea are already resistant to antibiotics of last resort".

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The report said: "We will test a new model that will de-link the payments made to companies from the volumes of antibiotics sold, basing the payment on a NICE-led assessment of the value of the medicines and supporting good stewardship".

As health secretary responsible for one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world, I could not look my children in the eyes unless I knew I was doing all in my power to solve this great threat.

Matt Hancock, launching the government's 20-year vision at the World Economic Forum at Davos in Switzerland, said "we need an urgent global response" to growing antimicrobial resistance which now poses "as big a danger to humanity as climate change or warfare".

The document, published yesterday (24 January) alongside a 20-year vision, outlines a number of actions aimed at reducing drug resistance by ensuring people take fewer antibiotics.

I am proud of the work the United Kingdom has done to secure antimicrobial resistance on the global agenda. "We will buy antibiotics that work from you, and we will make sure that the funding is there, so that if we need an antibiotic, it will be available", he said.

Public Health England also warned previous year that common procedures including caesarean sections and hip replacements could carry greater risks if antibiotic resistance and shortages of the drugs continue to grow.

There are an estimated 53,000 resistant infections per year and more than 60% of those are picked up in healthcare settings.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has announced a new payment system, where drug firms have financial incentives to develop new drugs to tackle AMR.

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