Dublin Man Treated In Hospital For Treating His Backpain With Semen

Dublin Man Treated In Hospital For Treating His Backpain With Semen

The man also revealed that he had injected himself once a month for 18 months using a needle he had bought online. Reports surfaced after the 33-year-old unnamed man from Dublin was admitted to the Adelaide and Meath Hospital for treatment.

The unidentified man injected his own semen into his arm every month for a year and a half to treat back pain.

"Upon this occasion the patient had injected three "doses" of semen intra-vascularly and intra-muscularly". It seems that the semen had started pooling and clotting under the skin, creating a bacterial infection of the skin called cellulitis.

He told hospital staff he had been lifting a heavy steel object and his pain had become progressively worse since then.

It was during the checkup that his doctor noticed a patch of red swollen skin on his right forearm.

A man was discovered to have a very freaky way of treating his back pain, injecting his own semen into his forearm.

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The report warns about "the dangers of venepuncture when carried out by the untrained layperson as well as the vascular and soft tissue hazards surrounding the attempted injection of substances not intended for intravenous use".

After treatment in hospital, it's been reported the man's back pain has improved - however it appears he discharged himself from hospital without actually having any incision made to - or draining from - the build-up in his upper arm.

The doctors performed a search of the medical literature and beyond, revealing not a single case of intravenous semen injection for back pain.

Dr Dunne says in the past people have injected petrol and lighter fluid in a suicide attempt in the past.

The Irish Medical Journal noted the only past examples of semen injection occurred in 1945 when human ejaculate was injected into female rats and rabbits.

Dr Dunne described the case as "unique" and said it demonstrated the risks of innovative treatments that are relied upon prior to clinical research in the form of phased trials.

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