Wisconsin girl has no link to suspected kidnapper: granddad

Wisconsin girl has no link to suspected kidnapper: granddad

When an abducted 13-year-old girl escaped to safety in northwest Wisconsin, relatives of other missing people expressed relief for Jayme Closs and her family.

When they arrived, Kasinskas fed Jayme while they waited around half an hour for the police to arrive, Kasinskas told MPR.

"It's unbelievable - the will of that 13-year-old girl to survive and escape".

There he met up with a 15-year-old girl to have sex with her.

In Jayme's case, law enforcement received more than 3,500 tips, but the town of Gordon, Wis. - where the teen was found and a 21-year-old man was arrested Thursday - was not on their radar, according to the Barron County, Wis., sheriff.

A shotgun believed to have been used by Patterson to shoot open the door to the Closs' home has been recovered by officers.

What's more, she said, Jayme's escape and rescue are "the reason why we can never give up hope on any missing child".

Officials said Patterson had planned his actions and prepared for kidnapping the teen.

Police said that Patterson had no contact with Jayme or her family before the murders but the primary motive was the abduction of the teenager. "I'm lost, '" said Jeanne Nutter, who had been walking her dog.

Investigators have said Patterson's goal was to kidnap Closs, but he appears to have no connection to the family.

Attorneys for Patterson called the affair "a very tragic situation" and said they were relying on the court system to treat him fairly. He is being held on charges of murder for the killings of Closs' parents and kidnapping.

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The investigation suggested that the suspect didn't know any family members at the home, nor had he been in touch with them, but allegedly went there with the goal of kidnapping the teen, Fitzgerald said. Nutter said Jayme did not have a coat or gloves.

"We have no information to lead us that he had an accomplice of any sort on this case".

He did not give further details.

"We just prayed she was alive and would be found", said a woman at Season's Cafe.

There is no evidence in the early stages of the investigation that links Patterson to the parents or to Jayme, Fitzgerald said. Kasinskas told The Star Tribune that she didn't even realize he was her neighbor. "I didn't think he could ever do anything like this". "It was like I was seeing a ghost".

Kristin Kasinskas, who helped report Jayme's emergence to police Thursday, spoke to CNN on Friday about what happened. "Did he take things with her, did she go with him to the store, did he buy clothes for her, did he buy food", he said.

"I was elected to keep people safe and not having that unknown out there", Fitzgerald said on Fox & Friends.

When deputies arrested him, he was out looking for Jayme, Fitzgerald said.

"You're not sure if she's going to be found", he told NBC affiliate KARE, "and when you actually hear it, it's just unbelievable".

Jayme's aunt, Jennifer Smith, posted on Facebook on Saturday, writing: "Jayme had a pretty good night sleep it was great to know she was next to me all night what a great feeling to have her home".

Jayme told one of the neighbours in Gordon who took her in that she had walked away from a cabin where she had been held captive.

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