‘Game of Thrones’ final season to debut on April 14

‘Game of Thrones’ final season to debut on April 14

Therefore making it clear what lies ahead of the now surviving clan of the Starks, the showrunners of Game of Thrones have blown up the anxiety bugle for the fans of the show.

The Indian viewers will be able to watch the season 8 premiere on April 15, 2019, either on Hotstar or Star World.

Stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood for the latest news on the final season of Game of Thrones as we learn it. After months of building anticipation among fans, HBO dropped the air date ahead of its third season premiere of "True Detective" with a new teaser video.

The eighth and final season of "Game of Thrones" begins April 14. Arya (Maisie Williams) walks silently through the crypts, sharing no special moments with any of the statues.

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Goldman's show takes place thousands of years before the events of Game of Thrones and chronicles the world's descent from the golden Age of Heroes into its darkest hour.

As Sansa, Arya and Jon are looking at their statues, the torch blows out, Lyanna's fallen feather gets covered by ice and Arya and Jon wield their swords. Meanwhile, Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) and Jon were busy having incestuous sexy times on their journey back to Winterfell after securing a fake truce from Cersei (Lena Headey).

The final season of Game of Thrones may only have six episodes, but each of them is poised to make a huge impact. That represented a surge of more than 35% compared to the corresponding episode the previous season.

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