While You Were in Shul: Israel Attacked Iranian Warehouse in Damascus

While You Were in Shul: Israel Attacked Iranian Warehouse in Damascus

Earlier, the Syrian media reported that Israeli jets fired multiple missiles at Damascus on Friday night, adding that most of the missiles had been shot down before reaching their targets.

Al Arabiya quoted the Syrian state news agency SANA as stating that one of the airport warehouses was hit during the attack.

In September 2018, Russian Federation equipped the Syrian forces with the S-300 air defense missile system, but local reports said the advanced system hasn't been used yet. The attack took place at 11:15pm (21:15 GMT), it said.

Missiles fired by Israeli warplanes struck a warehouse at Damascus International Airport late Friday, causing damage but no casualties, a Syrian military official said.

"At 11:15, Israeli fighter jets fired several missiles towards the area of Damascus, and instantly, our air defences confronted the missiles and downed a lot of them", the source told SANA.

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An AFP correspondent in Damascus heard several loud explosions late on Friday, the global news agency said.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said airstrikes targeted an area near the airport while others hit the area of Kiswa, which is home to positions and storage sites for Iranian and Hezbollah terror forces allied with Syria's government.

Israel has previously carried out several bombings in Syria against what it says are Iranian military targets and advanced arms deliveries to Hezbollah.

If confirmed, this would be the second round of Israeli strikes in Syria since USA announced its intent to withdraw on December 19.

The last such missile attack was carried out on December 25, 2018, during which the Israeli warplanes fired missiles on Syrian military depots in the western countryside of Damascus from inside the Lebanese airspace.

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