VLC to Add Support for Apple's AirPlay

VLC to Add Support for Apple's AirPlay

Conveniently enough, the milestone was crossed during CES where the developer was demonstrating new features heading to the app. The popular media player also passed 3 billion downloads during the course of CES 2019.

The VLC media player's developers are planning to add Apple AirPlay support to the software, enabling users to stream movies and other content from a mobile device to an Apple TV, one of the lead developers revealed in an interview at CES in Las Vegas. There is no release date yet at all. There's no word on when that update will arrive or whether AirPlay will be part of version 4.0, although VideoLAN admits that support is now planned for V4.

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Thoughts about VLC finally hitting 3 billion downloads? We will let you know in advance once we define a date. With its addition, it could finally mean that users will be able to beam content playing on the VLC mobile app to an Apple TV - something now not possible. VLC 3.0.6 adds support for 12 bits AV1 decoding, adds HDR support in AV1 if the container provides the metadata, and fixes an issue for DVD subtitles. With this, users can watch traditional 2D movies in a virtual theater using VR headsets such as the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift. When the update does land, it would make VLC one of the few Android apps to actually support AirPlay support, and it would most certainly be the biggest name to offer the functionality.

They went this route because using the SDKs from these manufacturers would have added hundreds of MB of code to VLC. About 25% of that huge amount comes from mobile devices, so about 750 million downloads are coming from Android and iOS platforms.

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