Resident Evil 2 Remake demo stats revealed by Capcom

Resident Evil 2 Remake demo stats revealed by Capcom

The Resident Evil 2 remake got a demo today, but it's one that comes with 30 minute time limit. The Japanese version of the demo features far less detail in its viscera, particularly noted in the slimy scenes featured in the tweet below. Resident Evil 2 was originally released in 1998 and its Remake is coming out after nearly 21 years. It's possible, as Resident Evil 7 also fell foul of some censors in Capcom's homeland.

The Resident Evil 2 remake One Shot demo is live on January 11-13, 2019, but it only offers players a tantalizingly short-lived glimpse into the game.

Do you need to be online play the Resident Evil 2 demo? You won't be able to play it without an Internet connection.

Early reports in a Reddit thread suggest that you can't simply speed-run into later sections of the game; past a certain point the game will end even if you have taken less than thirty minutes, and a screen will congratulate you and let you know your time played. The full game won't have this restriction however.

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You can keep playing until your 30 minutes are up, whether you die or complete the main objective in the meantime.

For everyone else that is not really interested in playing the demo, this video will give you an idea of the graphical improvements between these two games.

Do you plan to check out the Resident Evil 2 demo?

Once you complete the demo, you'll get to view an exclusive new cinematic trailer.

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