Blocking Brexit could open door to extremist political forces, Grayling warns

Blocking Brexit could open door to extremist political forces, Grayling warns

"We ignore that and the will of the people at our peril".

Mr Grieve is among a group of MPs calling for a second referendum.

The UK is due to leave the European Union on 29 March 2019 automatically, whether the deal is passed by MPs or not.

Theresa May faces nearly certain defeat when MPs vote on the deal on Tuesday.

He explained it was not possible for the minority Tory administration to control what happened in Parliament, noting how John Bercow, the Speaker, had shown that he was "willing to frustrate the Government at every opportunity". We have seen from this week that Parliament has the ability to assert itself and to shape outcomes.

In the first, MPs backed an amendment aimed at making it more hard to leave the European Union without a deal.

Labour's David Lammy for the People's Vote campaign, said: "Jeremy Hunt has confirmed publicly what more and more of his colleagues are saying in private: that if MPs can't agree on Theresa May's deal next week, the only way forward is to give the public the final say on Brexit through a People's Vote".

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The EU is adamant the legally binding 585-page withdrawal agreement can't be reopened, but EU officials are looking for diplomatic wording that could sway reluctant United Kingdom lawmakers.

To help her get the deal through, "We are checking with Downing Street what the clarifications could amount to", he said, adding: "They should not be confused with a renegotiation".

Mrs May also came under pressure from her former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab who told MPs to vote against her deal to show Brussels that the United Kingdom would "not be bullied".

Lawmakers are set to vote on May's Brexit deal on Tuesday, after she shelved plans for a vote in December when it became clear that not enough lawmakers from her own party or others would back the deal she agreed with Brussels.

"If we were, as a political class, not to deliver Brexit that would be a fundamental breach of trust between the people and the politicians and I think that would be something that we would regret for many, many generations", Hunt told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

Conservative and opposition MPs have slammed a top minister for fear-mongering after he said derailing or stopping the government's Brexit plan would see a rise in far-right extremism.

The Prime Minister said failing to deliver what the public voted for in the referendum would be "unforgivable" and undermine democracy. But many also dislike May's agreement, which has displeased both sides of Britain's Brexit divide.

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