Amazon May Target Cloud Gaming, Though Microsoft Has a Head Start

Amazon May Target Cloud Gaming, Though Microsoft Has a Head Start

Amazon is now planning a large-scale push into the video games industry, with the company working on a mysterious streaming service likely to be organized as the Netflix for interactive entertainment, The Information reports, citing people with knowledge of the initiative. Though the company hasn't had an easy time in cementing its place in the industry, Amazon's game studio has seemingly given up work on class-based battle royale title, Crucible, while its brawler title, Breakaway, was canceled back in 2018.

Sony streams games via its streaming service PlayStation Now, available on PlayStation 4 and PC, and it appears that cloud gaming could be a focus for the next generation of PlayStation consoles.

Amazon is in early stages of building an online game streaming service, multiple sources familiar with the matter tell The Information.

As if that were not enough, Amazon is not a stranger to the universe of video games. The project is also said to be far from finished and isn't expected to launch until 2020 at the earliest. It will be interesting to see how cloud-gaming affects traditional gaming business since the notion of continuously upgrading your console/computer seems tedious, hectic and expensive. We expect various Twitch features to be wrapped into the service like game video broadcasting and viewing, as well as the Twitch game store and the friends and communications infrastructure. And its AWS cloud computing service has a dedicated unit for working with games publishers.

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On top of that, Amazon would likely leverage its 100 million-strong Prime service to woo new consumers in, offering free access bundled with everything else that Prime offers.

Amazon is already one of the world's leading video game retailers, but it may soon have an even larger presence in the market. A streaming service would obviate the need for storage space, since everything is rendered remotely; all you'd need is a strong broadband connection and a modest amount of cache space.

Amazon has yet to officially confirm the reports.

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