Activision stock drops (another) 7% as it relinquishes Destiny

Activision stock drops (another) 7% as it relinquishes Destiny

The note also points out that the original plan was to release sequels every two years and that Bungie's failure to deliver this was one of the reasons for the falling out with Activision.

There's no specified date as to when Bungie's transition to full independence will be completed, but it's "already underway in its early stages". After years of Microsoft exclusivity, Bungie split from their parent company in 2007, losing the rights to Halo in the process. While Bungie continues to negotiate their Dexit from the company, Activision is going to find itself relying more and more on its primary workhorse Call of Duty as their pool of unique intellectual properties continues to shrink.

While the announcement may have come as a surprise to some, this was probably inevitable, given the tensions that developed following the release of Destiny 2 and the Forsaken expansion. "We have enjoyed a successful eight-year run and would like to thank Activision for their partnership on Destiny", the company wrote today. While Bungie were the main developers on Destiny and created the IP, they've been receiving help on the project since the beginning from both High Moon Studios and Vicarious Visions, two stellar Activision-owned teams. It wants to assure players there is more of that on the way, and that this transition is only part of a brighter future for Destiny.

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It is possible that this is happening because of Destiny 2 not meeting Activision's expectations. Head down to the comments section and let us know!

A shockwave hit the gaming industry this week, as the studio behind Destiny and Destiny 2 announced the franchise would no longer be published by Activision - and would be self-published by Bungie instead. You'd expect the experience to remain largely the same, but in terms of monetisation and content, it would be better for there to be fewer updates that are much deeper and worthwhile as well as it gouging the player less. "Excited to see how they continue to grow and evolve Destiny". Destiny 2 was criticized by a lot for its micro-transactions and now that Activision is out of the picture, we're really looking forward to see what Bungie will do with them.

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