Trump pushes wall plan in US-Mexico border visit

Trump pushes wall plan in US-Mexico border visit

The president is requesting Congress to approve $5.7 billion to help fulfill a campaign promise to build a wall along the USA southern border.

"We have to be careful about endorsing broad uses of executive power", Rubio told CNBC. And the President has dug in in his refusal to sign legislation that does not meet his demand for roughly $5 billion for a border wall, which Democrats refuse to provide.

As Professor Andrew Rudalevige wrote in The Washington Post on Thursday, "nothing in the [National Emergencies Act of 1976] says there actually has to be a national emergency - only that the president has to declare one".

Graham tweeted later on Thursday that he supports a presidential emergency declaration to build the wall.

His comments come as an impasse continues with Democrats on border security funding, including the proposed wall, amid a partial government shutdown.

Trump told reporters on Thursday: "When I said Mexico will pay for the wall, in front of thousands and thousands of people, obviously they're not going to write a check". "It requires an agreement between a Democratic House, the Democrats in the Senate and the President".

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Deutsch later added: "I am President Trump, I hear you, I feel your pain, and that is why I'm declaring an emergency, and that's why I'm opening the government..."

"When I say Mexico's going to pay for the wall that's what i said, Mexico's going to pay". He will also receive a briefing on border security at the Rio Grande before returning to Washington later in the evening. While he maintains that he has the "absolute right" to do so, both Republicans and Democrats believe the move would be challenged in court.

While it's not certain President Trump will declare an emergency, the White House likes being able to hold the card over Democrats who they say have refused to compromise or even negotiate.

"The President made clear he wants a shutdown", said Schumer after the meeting. "I would nearly say definitely", Trump said when asked if he'd make such a move, the Times reports.

"Somebody's got to like get some energy to fix this", he said. Things could only get worse on Saturday, when news outlets and television networks will be able to declare this the longest continuous shutdown in USA history. "It's common sense. Look, we're not going anywhere. We hope he (Trump) understands that and that God helps him to change, because his ancestors were migrants too", she said in the Mexican border city of Tijuana.

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