Schumer Says A Wall 'Ineffective,' 'Unnecessary.' Here's What He Said In 2009

Schumer Says A Wall 'Ineffective,' 'Unnecessary.' Here's What He Said In 2009

But he said that the White House believes the wall is a winning issue for Trump, whose refusal to sign a budget without billions for the border has forced a partial government shutdown.

"Republicans and Democrats, all good to go, they can pass it and we're ready, and the White House says no", Smith said, taking a shot at a White House statement citing a border crisis, which Smith said was "arguably of their own making".

The president was lauded by longtime supporters who have criticized him in recent weeks over his failure to implement of a border wall, nearly two years into his administration.

Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer complained President Donald Trump's proposed border wall was "ineffective" and "unnecessary" in a rebuttal speech on Tuesday night, which is the exact opposite of what he said in 2009.

"Tonight, and every night until the shutdown is over, we're gonna put a federal employee to work here at the show", Kimmel said. But for a moment when he spoke direly of a hammer murder, the president last night remained uncharacteristically subdued throughout his brief address, and at times seemed to struggle to read his lines from the teleprompter. "A fine speech that vastly exceeded the ridiculously low expectations created by the media", said Rich Lowry, editor of conservative mainstay National Review , which has been oft-critical of the president.

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Donald Trump gave a speech to a joint session of Congress about border security and, in his mind, the need for a wall between the United States and Mexico to do something or other. Bernie Sanders, also rejecting the president's characterization.

Schumer said, "American democracy doesn't work that way". The Democratic Party wants the government reopened-now. Republicans and President Trump want to stop the madness taking place on the border. Wallace replied that it would but this would not be enough because the Democrats still won the House in the midterms with the border wall being Trump's main issue.

There is no excuse for hurting millions of Americans over a policy difference.

Veteran ABC anchor Ted Koppel, speaking with The New York Times, said Trump deserved the "benefit of the doubt".

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