NYC Mayor's Healthcare Guarantee Includes Illegal Immigrants

NYC Mayor's Healthcare Guarantee Includes Illegal Immigrants

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is guaranteeing comprehensive health care to every single resident, he revealed in a historic surprise announcement.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio officially unveiled his "NYC CARE" project Tuesday morning; launching a new government program that would provide comprehensive healthcare for all 600,000 uninsured Big Apple residents.

But de Blasio stated that NYC Care will cut down on overall health care expenditure by covering those New Yorkers who can not afford health insurance and often end up in the emergency room.

Thiessen said that de Blasio claimed his plan will only cost the city $100 million in funds without increasing taxes, but doubted that would play out as the 57-year-old from Park Slope, Brooklyn predicted.

Healthcare-for-all provides coverage for all, reduces the burden on small businesses to offer and pay for health coverage, addresses the business myth that it's cost prohibitive to hire certain workers because their health coverage is too expensive. And if health care insurance did cost $166 per person per year then it wouldn't be a problem, would it?

In his inaugural speech on Monday, California's new Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom announced plans to establish a similar program to the one unveiled by NY. "We are saying the word "guarantee" because we can make it happen", he announced, pledging to put $100 million toward the new initiative.

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The city claims that this is not an insurance program; it already has a public option. "We're going to have a lot of people going to work sick and making everyone else sick", Blasio said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" program. And because more people will get preventive care, the city might actually save money, he added. Today I'm announcing a plan to guarantee health care for all New Yorkers.

The NYC Care plan would improve that coverage, which already insures some 516,000 people, and aim to reach more of those who are eligible, such as the young and uninsured, and others who qualify but have not applied.

Bill de Blasio at a press conference announcing NYC Care. "It is the worst way to get health care". Typically, the uninsured go to an emergency room to be seen.

He's also repeatedly spoken out against the dangers sanctuary cities pose to USA citizens when illegal immigrant criminals are protected. He argued that preventative care and access to primary care doctors will cut down on emergency room visits. For example, "here, psychotherapy is a covered benefit; that's not true in San Francisco. and the current program [there] has an enrollment of about 20,000 people; that's a New York City block".

The progressive mayor stated that he believes NYC Care will act as a springboard for the rest of the country to follow suit and ultimately implement a nationwide universal health care program.

NYC Care will be launched in the summer.

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