President to claim border 'crisis' as he seeks funds for wall

President to claim border 'crisis' as he seeks funds for wall

"There is a growing humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border".

"If you listen carefully, you can hear network execs coming up with tortured, wholly unbelievable reasons for why they will air Trump's speech tomorrow night when they deemed one from Obama too political and refused to carry", tweeted Democratic political strategist Adam Parkhomenko.

"If his past statements are an indication, (the speech) will be full of malice and misinformation", House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the senior Democrat in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, said in a statement.

The president announced on Twitter his plans to speak from the Oval Office at 9 p.m., ET. I've also embedded the video below.

Meanwhile, Pence was questioned by NBC News on Monday about Trump's claim that some former presidents told him a wall should be built (all four living presidents have denied it).

Mr Trump will follow up with a rare trip to the Mexico border itself on Thursday. However, Democrats have called it a humanitarian crisis, while the Trump administration has framed it as an issue of national security, according to the New York Times. But mostly Trump still wants his wall, which Democrats describe as immoral as well as no solution to illegal immigration.

Since the stalemate over funding is ongoing, Trump had no other choice but to take his case directly to American people in a speech planned for later in the day, the vice president said, as suspense continues to build over the possible big announcement.

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Trump has reportedly considered declaring the border situation a national emergency, which could enable him to bypass congressional review and build his wall without its approval. Pence did not say whether Trump had made a decision or if the White House had completed its legal review of such a declaration.

The impasse between the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives and the Republican president has forced Trump's hand to consider alternative funding, something a national emergency would provide through a military construction budget.

The partial government shutdown, which began on 22 December, has affected 25% of the government.

In retaliation, Trump has refused to sign off on a broader spending bill, leaving some 800,000 federal employees and many more contractors without pay.

Experts say if the shutdown persists, Canadians entering the US will see an escalating impact at the northern border, where Customs and Border Protection officials are working without pay because their jobs are considered an essential service.

Trump explained in his speech the barrier was critical to security with thousands of Americans killed by those who had illegally entered the country. He said Mexico would pay for it, although Mexico was always clear it would not, and he has now turned to Congress for the money.

Critics have decried the previous separation of migrant children from families, the use of tear gas at the border and the case of two Guatemalan migrant children who died in USA custody in December.

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