Burnaby asks companies to remove clothing donation bins

Burnaby asks companies to remove clothing donation bins

The donation box is located behind an apartment building.

Police and paramedics were called to the area in Bloorcourt Village at around 6:30pm local time, finding the woman partially trapped in the charity donation box.

The emergency services then made efforts to resuscitate the woman but were unsuccessful and she was pronounced dead at the scene.

'They're set up in a way to make it hard to have access to the box, to the inside of the box, but obviously not safe enough'.

He expects the review won't take long, but did not indicate a specific timeline for completion and recommendations to be acted upon.

"We are just sending the letter out and saying there are safety concerns, generally, about donation bins, and if there is any doubt if their bins are safe to be used or not, to cease using them until there has been a proper assessment", Chu said.

"We are saddened at this awful and tragic incident", media relations and communications manager Daniel Koren said in an email to CBC Toronto.

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On New Year's Eve, a 34-year-old man was discovered lodged in a clothing bin in West Vancouver by an off-duty doctor.

The recent deaths of two people who became trapped inside clothing donation bins in British Columbia and Ontario have raised questions about the designs of these boxes and if there is a way to make them safer. The bin's hatches, created to keep thieves out, can also trap people climbing inside.

Following news of the woman's death, Toronto Mayor John Tory called on city officials to review whether the donation boxes are safe. But they can also trap someone leaning in too far.

Vancouver Fire Rescue spokesperson Jonathan Gormick.

He said the designs feature metal bars that create a "pinch point" when activated, often by people trying to get into the boxes.

If it's not feasible for an organization to remove their bins within the time frame, Townsend says they're asked to put locks on the containers.

Loretta Sundstrom, whose 45-year-old daughter died in 2015 after getting stuck in a bin, told CBC Radio's World Report last week that she cried at news of the man's death in West Vancouver. "Obviously, there's a objective for them in society", he said.

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