HTC Vive Cosmos Headset Promises Lightweight, Portable VR

HTC Vive Cosmos Headset Promises Lightweight, Portable VR

That's right. This headset tracks your eye movements.

As the name suggests, HTC Vive Pro Eye uses built-in eye tracking. Another notable feature of the Vive Cosmos is customization, with HTC promising that the company will keep upgrading the device with a wide array of modules that will be showcased soon.

With the Vive Pro, HTC made its play as the technological leader in virtual reality. Instead, the Vive Pro Eye will blur those sections of the image, saving processing power. HTC explains that the eye tracking takes place via LED sensors located around the lenses inside the HMD. But it still eliminated the need for me to actually hold a controller or push any buttons.

To the user, it's fine if a VR announcement doesn't apply to them at the moment.

Other use cases are much more business oriented, which is not surprising given the "Pro" title.

Additionally, enterprise customers can use eye tracking to better train and evaluate users. Cosmos also boasts a design that sees the front of the headset lift upward from your eyes rather than slipping on and off. Sporting the deep blue of the Vive Pro and Eye, the Cosmo looks familiar and foreign from anything HTC has previously released.

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HTC has once again used CES to announce a couple of updates to its Vive VR system. Additionally, it offers the Vive experience without the use of any external tracking devices.

HTC also announced a new subscription service for Viveport called Infinite, which will give you access to 500 apps and games and any given time starting April 5.

The all-new VIVE controllers.

It's supposed to connect wirelessly to a computer - which existing HTC Vive headsets can do with a wireless adapter.

At some point it's going to have to entice consumers back - and while today hinted at that future, with the launch of Vive Reality Origins and Portal, a dedicated virtual world to interact with chums and jump between games, we still don't have something to get excited about beyond a new demo headset that won't turn on alongside some shiny handles.

The company teased the Cosmos during its CES 2019 presentation, although few details have been revealed since.

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