Up to four dead following new outbreak of swine flu in Ireland

Up to four dead following new outbreak of swine flu in Ireland

Also, 66 of 67 counties have confirmed cases of the flu. In 2017, the peak was the week of December 10-16, a full month later.

"H1N1 is the most common [strain] in most of the country", Brammer said. "That you will catch the virus, and I have talked to many pharmacists and they say that's not true".

"It's really important that people still think about the flu, even though a lot of the hubbub around the start of the flu season has come to a close", Hu said.

Once someone gets the flu, antiviral drugs can lessen symptoms and hasten recovery, and reduce complications and hospitalizations. During the 2017-18 flu season, some experts estimate that the American economy suffered a loss of $21.39 billion due to the high number of patients.

She shared that the most at risk are young children, the elderly, and anyone with immune deficiencies. Prior to this week's report, the flu activity was described as "moderate" and "regional", indicating the spread has increased over the past few weeks. A strain of the H1N1 virus has predominated this season so far, but it's too soon to tell if that will continue for the remainder of the season, state health officials wrote in the update. The more vaccinated people there are, the less potential there is for flu to circulate, she explains.

On its website it says: "Seasonal influenza vaccine must be changed each year as the viruses naturally change over time".

Theresa May promises a 'new chapter' in her New Year message
The new talks, however, had not yet led to a solution, May's spokeswoman said: "There's still more work to do". Foster said: "The prime minister has promised to get changes to the legally binding Withdrawal Agreement".

Flu vaccinations aren't flawless but will reduce your chances of becoming ill. "This is different than in previous years where only one influenza B strain was covered in the adult formulation of vaccine", the health unit said. "The main thing right now is to get vaccinated", she said. One of the hardest hit areas now is Louisville Metro, which has confirmed more than 550 cases recently.

Alberta Health Services describes the vaccine as a good match, and measures the efficacy of it throughout the season.

People hope the numbers will slow down in the new year.

She says teach your children to do the "chicken wing", aka cough into their elbows and definitely get your flu shot if you haven't already.

"Talk to a care provider (to find out) what is best for you but it is crucial that caregivers have the flu shot", said Savannah Thompson, health educator at Scotland County Health Department.

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