Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez already has plans to defy Pelosi

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez already has plans to defy Pelosi

Neal has said he plans to ask for them in the new Congress, but when exactly he'd make his move is still under discussion. "This will give everyday Americans a lot more confidence that all the other things we have on the agenda are going to be done in a way that really meets their expectations and responds to their priorities".

Pay-go, which was last in effect in 2010, would replace the current so-called "cut-go" provisions that require only that spending increases be matched with other cuts.

One of the five key ways the new rules will "modernize Congress", according to Democrats, is the restoration of budgetary rules that are unpopular with some progressive Democrats. Though many believe it to be a logical way to rein in spending, some argue that Paygo is a way to handicap progressive programs. Which is why some member of the new progressive-leaning House are fighting its reintroduction to the House rules.

After the new House is seated, one of the first orders of business will be approving the new rules package governing the House for this term. And they are especially dubious of its necessity after congressional Republicans waived the law in 2017 to pass a tax bill that added more than $1.5 trillion to the federal deficit over its first decade. In her tweet, Ocasio-Cortez said that the PAYGO rule is a "dark political maneuver created to hamstring progress on healthcare" and other legislation. "We shouldn't hinder ourselves from the start". Democratic leaders can lose as many 17 votes within their ranks and still pass the rules package, which is usually a mundane vote for House majorities.

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"We must not handcuff our New Democratic majority, so PAYGO is a no-go for me", Ryan said.

So far, Khanna and Ocasio-Cortez are the only Democrats to announce opposition to the package.

Pelosi deputy chief of staff Drew Hammill fired back shortly afterward, tweeting: "A vote AGAINST the Democratic Rules package is a vote to let [Director of the Office of Management and Budget] Mick Mulvaney make across the board cuts, unilaterally reversing Democratic initiatives and funding increases". "That's all you need to know about her".

House Democratic leaders agreed past year to drop another rule proposal opposed by Pocan and Jayapal, one that would have made it more hard to pass legislation raising taxes.

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