The Essential Phone is effectively discontinued

The Essential Phone is effectively discontinued

According to various reports, the device wasn't performing well in the market and the company was shelving its plans for the Essential Phone 2.

The device went out of stock during the holiday season not only on the Essential Shop but also on third-party websites. However, there is some good news in store for you. The company has confirmed that they have sold out their whole inventory and that they will not be adding any new inventory for the same. This one in all likelihood would use AI to answer emails and text messages.

The Essential Phone was a flawed but extremely promising device, but it really struggled to overcome some of the mistakes and missteps from Essential out of the gate.

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Essential "will continue to sell accessories and provide speedy software updates and customer support to our existing community" the official statement says, so if you already own a PH-1 Essential Phone then you're not going to be abandoned. There have been serious scandals like data breach and even worse, alleged sexual harassment charges against Essentials founder, Andy Rubin. But some have been holding out hope as the company continued to sell the PH-1 online and on Amazon.

At the moment, there's no word on when the phone maker will unveil its next mobile product or reveal what it exactly is. The device was released, and while it brought compelling specs and an edge-to-edge display that debuted the controversial notch, the phone did not live to meet the expectations and now Essential Phone has been officially discontinued.

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