Google rolls out text message spam protection features

Google rolls out text message spam protection features

With no official announcement coming from Google just yet about this, it would appear that the feature is still being tested and not making a global rollout quite yet.

When the spam protection feature is enabled, the data Google collects from that user doesn't include the content of their messages or their phone number, according to Google's support site.

Toggle the button next to enable spam protection to activate the feature. When it does hit your device, you should see a notification similar to that above when launching Messages.

Thankfully for Android users, Google has been on top of developing a solution to combat this problem, and it'll come to us in the form of an updated Messages app.

Android Police has reported that Spam protection feature is already live in select regions. However, those who do are getting a pop up at the bottom of the app offering the feature and allowing you to turn it off.

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Previously, it was only possible to manually report and block spammers after you receive a message.

More information is awaited as to how Google will be able to tackle number spoofing and other several other malicious techniques used by cybercriminals.

Of course, you can also submit a manual spam report, which prompts the app to send the entire message to Google, including your and the sender's phone numbers. It's actually nearly too easy to send an SMS, because you don't need to know the person who owns the line - you simply need to know the number exists.

Ultimately, if you don't want Google having access to this information, you may want to skip this feature or use a different messaging app entirely.

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