Here’s What Happened to Instagram and Why People Freaked Out

Here’s What Happened to Instagram and Why People Freaked Out

Adam Mosseri, who heads Instagram for Facebook, tweeted that the new design was "a test that went to a few orders of magnitude more people than intended". The new update allowed users to only swipe from left to right to see pictures, rather than scrolling up and down.

The change meant that instead of scrolling through a feed of pictures from friends, as the app has worked since its launch in 2010, users had to tap to see more pictures. The design would presumably make it more hard to scroll mindlessly through your Instagram feed-though countless users seem to have no problem swiping mindlessly through Instagram Stories.

But everyone can relax.

After much backlash from the new update, Instagram reverted back to its original layout. Once they find the Instagram app there and tap it they should choose to uninstall it, according to Android Police.

It felt odd from the start, because Instagram did not issue any sort of blog post to explain the change. "We apologize for any confusion" an Instagram spokesperson tells TechCrunch.

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Instagram teased a new feature this morning, but unlike most things teased, it's a feature no one wants.

Many users compared the change to Snapchat's unpopular redesign, which rolled out past year and was widely criticised for being too confusing. And some of those posts happen to be ads.

The updated app looks like how users scroll through the Instagram story feature. "If you're still seeing it you can simply restart your app and you should be good to go". This is something that Instagram is known to have been testing for a little while now, but it seems that today's rollout was entirely accidental - albeit one that gave a tantalizing glimpse into the future.

Given the extremely negative response that the updated received from its users, Instagram may think twice about releasing the update to the public.

It has since returned the feed to the normal settings.

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