Poacher ordered to repeatedly watch movie 'Bambi'

Poacher ordered to repeatedly watch movie 'Bambi'

Authorities have been on the Berry's case since 2015, when they started to investigate deer-poaching in Lawrence County after a tip-off.

Berry pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor of killing, possessing of and disposing of wildlife illegally on October 11, according to online records.

He was sentenced to hard time - and a hard-to-watch Disney film.

"Conservation investigators estimated that the group was responsible for killing hundreds of deer over a three-year period", Lawrence County Prosecuting Attorney Don Trotter said.

He said the hunters would take the heads of the "trophy bucks" and left "the bodies of the deer to waste".

A judge has sentenced a poacher to repeatedly watch the Disney movie Bambi as punishment for illegally killing hundreds of deer.

"Taking just the heads is their version of obtaining a "trophy" and leaving the carcass behind is merely an afterthought", said Randy Doman, the division chief of the Missouri Department of Conservation, told the Springfield News-Leader.

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Court records reveal Berry Jr.is "to view the Walt Disney movie Bambi, with the first viewing being on or before December 23, 2018, and at least one such viewing each month thereafter, during Defendants incarceration in the Lawrence County Jail".

The Walt Disney Company bewitched generations of children with its pioneering animated film, released in August 1942, about a wide-eyed young deer and his doting mom.

Two other relatives, Eric and Kyle Berry, had their hunting and fishing privileges revoked for 18 and eight years respectively. Bambi discovers his mother was killed only once he has reached the safety of the woods and realizes he is alone on a dark and snowy night.

The other men involved in the illegal slaughtering of hundreds of deer were offered different punishments with a lot of them getting their hunting privileges revoked for up to eighteen years along with some pretty hefty fines. Now, in addition to his mandated Bambi viewings in Lawrence County, Berry is scheduled to serve an additional 120 days in jail in Barton County for violating his earlier probation.

All the Berrys had their hunting, fishing and trapping privileges revoked for life.

In Missouri, there are numerous regulations for hunting, including which weapons can be used and what tactics can be used to attract animals.

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