Geminid meteor shower 2018: How to watch shooting stars in United Kingdom tonight

Geminid meteor shower 2018: How to watch shooting stars in United Kingdom tonight

"The Geminids are considered one of the best and most reliable meteor showers of the year, with shooting stars that are commonly bright with long persisting trains", the UK's Met Office said in a statement.

Like all meteor showers, the Geminid is caused by particles of comet debris entering our atmosphere.

Clear skies, unfortunately, have been something of a rarity, but if stargazing is your thing, keep your fingers crossed for clear conditions later this week because the skies are going to light up with the biggest meteor shower of the year. Bundle up, pack some hot cocoa, get as far away as possible from city lights, and most important of all, be patient.

Avoid using flashlights, or use flashlights with red-color settings, to preserve your night vision. This meteor shower happens every year, but NASA has identified the two days that your family should watch it. There is no need of any special gear to watch this celestial event and all that one has to do is to find a dark place, and look up at the sky.

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The Geminids meteor shower, the brightest shower of the year, will peak this evening. This will mean a lot for our ability to bring you news, perspectives and analysis from the ground so that we can make change together.

Heard that folks? Just train your eyes (or perhaps your telescope) on the skies around 2 am tonight!

The comet is expected to come closest to Earth and peak Sunday.

"If you can see the familiar winter constellations Orion and Gemini in the sky, you'll see some Geminids", NASA explained in a skywatching video.

Meteors can be seen under a dark and cloudless sky and just after midnight of its peak activity, PAGASA said. But unlike most meteor showers, which originate from icy comets, the Geminids stem from the mysterious rocky object 3200 Phaethon.

According to unconfirmed reports, the Geminid meteor shower is likely to be visible Rajasthan's Alwar, around Himalayas belt. Instead, they tend to zip across the skies in clumps - about every five to seven minutes. The best views will come between roughly midnight and 4 a.m., when the area from which the meteors appear to radiate passes almost overhead. They're bright and easy to spot - even from light-polluted areas.

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