TGA 2018: Far Cry New Dawn trailer announces February release date

TGA 2018: Far Cry New Dawn trailer announces February release date

"You're my family", Seed says. Nearly two decades of war and ruin, that has led to the world descending into chaos as a new status quo has risen up in the ashes of mutually assured destruction.

Far Cry has never been afraid to delve into different settings with its standalone spin-offs, realising a retrofuturistic 80s-inspired setting in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and the Stone Age in Far Cry Primal. Although the evil Joseph Seed concluded the previous game by fulfilling the wish of his cult, the trailer teased his survival.

Fangs for Hire: there is a new dog called Timber, an Akita, who can now accompany players in vehicles, head out of the window. Much of the environment has been lost to the ravages of time and enriched uranium. If you want to know which games, creators, and players took home awards, check out our breakdown of all the Game Awards 2018 winners. Pylons and barns keel over and submit to the maw of the snaking vines at their feet. They've definitely carried over a lot of the spirit of Hope County.

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Devil May Cry 5 will release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 8, 2019. Based on the freaky - but very real - phenomenon of "super bloom". It'll send us roaming the colourful wasteland of Hope County and beyond to thwart a viscous gang of raiders led by two sisters by doing the usual Far Cry explore-o-craft-a-shooting. In what amounts to a familiar Far Cry opening, after your train is ambushed, you must assemble and strengthen your team of friendly survivors to subjugate the bandit big bads.

Warning: Far Cry 5 spoilers here, proceed at own risk. The Homebase, called Prosperity, is the stronghold of the Survivors. Like many other major game announcements these days, it seems the cover image has been leaked online.

In the latest installment of the award-winning Far Cry franchise, you are the last line of defense in a transformed, post-apocalyptic Hope County. At the end of the fifth game, a nuclear bomb goes off and things get a bit hairy, it turns out. However, we've left her on the bench for now, instead opting for Nana.

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