Google Pixel 3 software update fixes RAM problems

Google Pixel 3 software update fixes RAM problems

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones were only announced in October but Google is already offering fans the chance to grab a healthy discount on these devices.

Besides patching the security issues, the update addresses a number of performance issues on the Pixel 3 and other smartphones. The Pixel ThrEE with EEsim (sorry - there's a reason we don't work in marketing) will be available "in the coming months". Some users reported that music playing in the background would stop when they took a picture - that's how bad the Pixel 3 was at handling RAM.

Pixel 2 owners are also getting these fixes.

Industry insider OnLeaks revealed in a Twitter post that there is another Google Pixel 3 Lite handset that is now on development.

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This fix "keeps background apps from being prematurely closed", "improves memory performance in certain circumstances", and "improves camera capture performance". Well, this new offer on the Google Pixel 3 is just what you've been waiting for.

There are a handful of changes being patched into various media apps and features across the entire Pixel phone line.

"If photography is your passion you'll also struggle to find a phone that can take pictures better than a Pixel". At any rate, head to the Google Store and you can choose your Pixel and apply the discount code. Other notable inclusions include improved Android Auto compatibility, Bluetooth patches, camera improvements, improved Always On Display triggering, and improved notifications.

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