Meghan Markle & Pippa Middleton Totally Hung Out Last Night

Meghan Markle & Pippa Middleton Totally Hung Out Last Night

Reports of a growing rift between the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex have reached fever pitch in recent days.

People did confirm, though, that Kate was "left in tears" after a fitting for Princess Charlotte's dress for Meghan and Prince Harry's royal wedding.

It's a lot to take in - and it's been kind of devastating for royal fans who had been leaning into the idea of this close-knit "Fab Four".

The Duchess of Sussex, who is now expecting her first child, popped up at the London university to join in a discussion on society and its biggest problems with students and school leaders.

Once the newest royal baby arrives, he or she will have plenty of built-in friends, and Kate Middleton recently discussed the family's upcoming arrival during an event last week.

Back then, it seemed to be just a lighthearted family joke.

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In his comedy special from 2010, Kevin joked that he would do his best as a heterosexual male to stop his son from being gay. I think we love to make big deals out of things that aren't necessarily big deals, because we can".

William, 36, and Kate welcomed more than 200 wives, girlfriends, parents and grandparents to Kensington Palace where a Christmas grotto was created for children to make crackers, decorate stockings or make chocolate truffles.

The fund was set up in memory of one of Prince William and Prince Harry's friends who died in a auto crash back in 2002.

William then steps in laughing and clarifies that yes, they do see certain topics differently but according to Harry, these are "healthy" disagreements.

Speaking of Meghan's initiatives as a royal, Michelle said: "There's so much opportunity to do good with a platform like that - and I think she [Meghan] can maximise her impact for others, as well as her own happiness, if she's doing something that resonates with her personally". "But look, we're stuck together for the rest of our lives".

A royal spokesperson simply said of the aforementioned issues with Kate, "this never happened".

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