Looks Like a New Far Cry Will Be Announced Early Friday Morning

Looks Like a New Far Cry Will Be Announced Early Friday Morning

In order to hype this new FC game, the publisher has released a teaser trailer that you can find below.

Spoilers for Far Cry 5 follow.

This year's The Game Awards (TGA) event is officially kicking off on December 6, and we already have quite a bit to look forward to. Ubisoft has revealed that a new Far Cry game will be announced tomorrow at The Game Awards 2018. Some players were turned right the fuck off by that nihilistic ending ("What the hell was the point of all this, then?"); others embraced the inherent bleakness of the whole thing ("Haha, there was really no point to any of this, then!"). We don't know much about outside of that, but it looks like Far Cry will be taking some inspiration from Fallout and sending us into a post-apocalyptic scenario.

Will it be a full-blown game, though? It shows a few familiar locations, as it seems to mirror the original cover art for Far Cry 5 - the church on the left, especially.

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A New Far Cry Game - What Happened In Far Cry 5?

Ubisoft was all set to reveal the latest instalment of the Far Cry series at the Game Awards, and it seems everyone wants to spoil the surprises.

A direct sequel to Far Cry 5? Obviously, some of our favorite developers will get recognition for the hard work they've put into this year's best games, but TGA also acts as a mini-E3 in some respects.

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