Evers to appeal to Walker to veto GOP power play

Evers to appeal to Walker to veto GOP power play

Among the political flashpoints in this lame-duck session in Lansing are pieces of legislation that would limit the power of the attorney general and the secretary of state.

The bill approved Wednesday is opposed by Democrats who call it another power grab in the lame-duck session before Democrats begin leading top state offices in January.

The move comes almost a month after Gov. -elect Tony Evers, a Democrat, narrowly beat Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

The bill is part of a package of Republican lame-duck legislation created to weaken Evers and incoming Democratic Attorney General-elect Josh Kaul. Those lawmakers also approved more than 80 last-minute appointments made by outgoing Republican Governor Walker, so last-minute that many of them never even received a hearing.

Democrats countered that the legislation is an unconstitutional overreach.

Republicans on Wednesday passed far-reaching legislation that cuts into both Evers' powers and those of the Democrat who will take over as attorney general next month.

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MI voters last month passed a constitutional amendment to have the 13-member commission of four Democrats, four Republicans and five independents handle redistricting instead of the partisan Legislature. Phil Pavlov of St. Clair, said the legislation would not in "any way" affect Proposal 2 but rather follow its goal of partisan "evenness and equity" by restricting people affiliated with a political party from providing legal and accounting services to the commission. The supervisors have said they have a nonpartisan interest in improving the county's elections.

The bill would restrict early voting ― which is generally known to increase voter turnout and thus help Democrats ― prevent Evers from banning guns in the state capitol without the Legislature's approval and give lawmakers increased control over a beleaguered state economic development agency. The Assembly approved it on a 56-27 vote about two hours later, with a single Republican defecting.

Democrats also criticized the bill that would prescribe how Benson randomly selects the four Democrats, four Republicans and five independents to sit on the redistricting panel.

The Republican-controlled Wisconsin legislature passed a sweeping measure taking power away from the incoming Democratic governor and attorney general - as well as reducing how long early voting can take place.

Republicans in Madison were successful early Wednesday approving bills to limit the powers of the next governor, Democrat Tony Evers, and Democratic Attorney General-elect Josh Kaul. Instead, the legislature's budget committee would have to sign off on such withdrawals. Democratic Secretary of State-elect Jocelyn Benson ran in part on a pledge to advocate for election transparency, so the public knows more about people and groups spending to influence races and ballot drives. Another bill could impact Gov. -elect Gretchen Whitmer and Attorney General-elect Dana Nessel when they consider the state's positions on laws subject to legal challenges.

Alternative bills which seem to be consented next week involving manifestos would debilitate the capacity of the government and attorney general to regulate the state's situation in court cases.

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